The Office

The New Mexico Attorney General’s Office contains specific
divisions and units that serve New Mexicans in different ways.
The Attorney General and his 
Executive Office set the priorities
for the entire agency and develop 
initiatives to meet the challenges
that face our state. The 
Government Accountability 
 DivisionImmigrant Financial Services Unit were
established to address specific concerns in our state.

The Attorney General’s Civil Division provides legal advice and representation to state agencies, boards and commissions and researches and drafts Attorney General opinions and advisory letters. The Civil Division conducts Sunshine Law seminars to teach state and local bodies their duties under the law and to provide the public with an understanding of what they should expect from their government.

The Consumer Protection Division enforces consumer protection
laws to prevent and deter unfair, deceptive, anti-competitive and
unlawful practices that injure consumers and businesses.

The staff of the Criminal Appeals Division represent and advocate for victims and the People of New Mexico in all criminal appeals and habeas
corpus proceedings in state and federal courts.

The Investigations Division of Attorney General's Office is comprised of investigators in three separate specialty areas: government accountability, Internet Crimes Against Children, and special investigations.

The staff of the Litigation Division represents the State of New Mexico in three primary areas: general litigation, administrative prosecutions, and representation of judges and state officials on civil writs. This division also enforces the Master Settlement Agreement of the Tobacco Settlement.

The Medicaid Fraud and Elder Abuse Division is a criminal law enforcement unit of the Attorney
General’s Office that enforces the Medicaid Fraud Act and the Resident Abuse and Neglect Act, investigates and prosecutes Medicaid providers who commit fraud and/or resident abuse, neglect and exploitation in long-term care facilities, and pursues civil monetary repayment of Medicaid program funds when a Medicaid provider does not provide adequate services to recipients.

The Prosecutions Division investigates and prosecutes crimes throughout the state of New Mexico. Most of the criminal cases handled by the division are referred by the local District Attorney, based on a conflict of interest or because the District Attorney seeks assistance from the Attorney General in some specialized area.

The Water, Environment and Utilities Division strives to protect, preserve, and enhance New Mexico’s fragile environment, water, and natural resources through litigation and cooperative efforts with stakeholders. In addition, staff members represent the interests of New Mexico’s residential and small business consumers in matters of gas, electronic and telecommunication regulation.

The Administrative Services Division and the Information Technology  Unit are responsible for the financial and technological well being of the entire agency, so that it may run in the most efficient, effective, and secure manner.