Instructions for Filing

Download the PDF at the bottom of the page.

1. Fill out the form completely. Please print only using a black ink pen or typewriter. Please do not use blue ink as it does not photocopy well.

2. Please forward the complaint form with any copies of attachments that may be necessary to explain or identify the complaint. Also note that all documents and other materials submitted to our office become property of the state. Please do not send items such as photographs or tapes.

3. Forward the complaint form and attachments to our office. When we receive your completed complaint and attachments, we will review the information to determine whether we have jurisdiction to investigate the complaint. If we do not have jurisdiction, we will make every effort to refer your complaint to an agency that may be able to help you. Once we have reviewed the complaint and determined the appropriate action, our Division will inform you whether: (1) An inquiry will be opened, a special agent will be assigned and your complaint will be reviewed; or (2) We will take no action, keep the complaint on record and inform you the reasons for not taking any action on the matters in your complaint. Please understand that an inquiry is NOT a full investigation but an attempt to establish if enough probability of a successful prosecution exists to warrant a criminal investigation. Your complaint may or may not result in a formal criminal investigation or prosecution.  

We cannot act as private investigators and cannot give you legal advice or represent you individually or privately in court. We appreciate your interest and concern in contacting the Office of the New Mexico Attorney General, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Criminal Investigations Division

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Feb 20, 2015, 10:22 AM