College Consumer Guide

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College Consumer Guide

Wisdom consists of the anticipation
of consequences. ~Norman Cousins

My name is Gary King and I am the 
New Mexico Attorney General. Part of my job
is to protect consumers in New Mexico and this brochure is part of what my office does to help students like you get through college without becoming victims of bad decisions about money and credit.

College is the first time many students are exposed to money management on a personal level and this pamphlet is designed to help you avoid the pitfalls that unfortunately plague many

young consumers. Inside are tips on how to use money wisely, from managing debt to building a good credit record that will help you in years to come, including helping you get the job and career you are training for right now.

Thanks for taking a look.
Gary K. King
New Mexico Attorney General
Nov 15, 2011, 11:55 AM