Education & Outreach

An informed consumer is a safer and more satisfied consumer. Ideally, in every trade or commercial transaction involving a business and a consumer, each side should enter into the transaction knowing its respective rights. In reality, however, it is more likely that the consumer is at a disadvantage and not totally knowledgeable of his or her rights. The Division’s staff takes every opportunity to give live presentations on specific topics to groups and organizations. The Division also maintains a presence at annual fairs and festivals to distribute general information to the public and answer questions. The Division also provides self-help information to consumers to assist the consumer in resolving disputes with a business. The Division has an extensive collection of leaflets and booklets addressing common consumer topics and questions. If you would like to request any of these materials, please submit a written request to: Consumer Protection Division, P.O. Drawer 1508, Santa Fe, NM 87504-1508. Please specify what type of information you would like.

Additional Websites:
Better Business Bureau helping consumers in the United States and Canada avoid common scams that con artists use to commit consumer fraud.