New Mexico Attorney General's

Methamphetamine Initiative

Fellow New Mexicans,

One of my responsibilities as Attorney General is to help protect our families.

Due to the extremely negative impact methamphetamine abuse is having upon our young people and others, my office has developed a comprehensive tool to assist in education for your communities to act against methamphetamine abuse, manufacturers, and those that would benefit from addicting your children and neighbors. I am pleased to announce a " Train the Trainer" program to benefit your communities.

If you agree to become a trainer, this program is free of charge. If you can volunteer a minimum of 3 hours to receive this training, my office will teach you everything you need to know to become a trainer. Once you complete the training, you will receive the materials necessary to make your own presentations. Please fill out the REGISTRATION FORM, above left and Doris Budris, Project Coordinator will schedule your training. If you have questions, call toll free 1-877-496-3559.

Your volunteer service in invaluable. Thank you for taking the time to get involved to serve your community and your state.


At the completion of your training, we invite you to share your successes with us. This allows us to track locations and numbers of people who receive your training. Below is a map which displays locations of recent trainings. You will be asked to enter your training event using the "Training Report" link under Navigation near the top left portion of this page.

Gary K. King

NM Attorney General