Advisory Mission Statement

The advisory program provides an opportunity for positive peer and student-adult interaction to occur, advisory helps MJHS to provide a warm, supportive, and comfortable environment. The goal of this interaction is to develop self-worth, self-confidence, and a healthy respect for others. Advisors also support their advisees in academic endeavors, and serve as an additional point of contact with their parents. 

Each student is assigned to an advisory group, led by a faculty member. These small groups meet daily. Three times a month, meetings are devoted to working through the Advisory curriculum, in which advisors facilitate activities in structured, positive peer environments that encourage the growth and development of their advisees in a variety of areas. 

Advisor meetings are opportunities for students to process age-appropriate material designed to foster the learning of life skills and emotional development. Groups strive to explore values and provide guidance and academic advising.

 Advisors have a number of roles in their advisees’ lives. They:  communicate with advisees’ parents and teachers on a regular basis, recognize and celebrate advisees’ academic and social growth, encourage positive and appropriate risk taking,engage in discussions with advisees when difficulties arise and know their advisees – their interests, strengths, weaknesses.


Each month new topics will be explored, but the overall goal is to have some fun while exploring life's challenges.