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Science Projects for Holy Spirit High 2015-2016

Caitlyn Coles, Megan Coles and Erin Burt all won gold medals at the Regional Science Fair!! We are very proud of their efforts!  Both projects also won other awards. 
Erin Burt won the Women in Science and Engineering Award ($50 and certificate) and placed second for the Memorial University Department of Chemistry Award ($50 cash). Megan and Caitlyn won the Memorial University Department of Psychology and the Association of Psychologists of Newfoundland and Labrador Award. Well done girls your hard work has been rewarded!


School Science Fair - Congratulations to this year's winners - click this link to see their projects

This year students who compete in the School Science Fair will get bonus marks for their extra efforts; 10% extra and maybe more if they participate in the Regional Science Fair!

Science Fair is a type of project based learning and is an important component of teaching science at Holy Spirit High School. This page contains a summary of regulations as there are different project requirements depending on which science course you are taking. Please note: any science fair project MUST involve the collection and analysis of data. Parts A and B of the science fair are considered term one work and must be completed in term one - this means any paper passed in after midyear exams will not be accepted (and will be given a value of zero according to the evaulation policy).

Grade 9 students:
May complete a project, which may be a science fair project, as outlined by their science teachers. Grade 9 students may also participate in the Biotechnology Fair with the permission of their teacher (see Mr. Wells for details). Grade 9 projects will be evaluated by the science teachers and the best projects will be involved in the school science fair on April 7th/2016.
Level I, II and III students:
In all science courses students must complete some form of project and are encouraged to attempt a Science Fair project. A student in two science courses will only need to complete one science fair project. We understand science fair is not for all students, therefore, each science course at Holy Spirit offers course projects. Course project requirements and due dates are available from your subject teacher. Two examples of how projects work for students are listed below.
How do the grades work?
Example 1: Level I student Charlie Darwin is taking Science 1206 and Biology 2201. He completes a science fair project on sea weed growth in CBS and gets an overall grade of 83%. This is his mark that is added to his Alternate Assessment for both courses. He completes one project for two courses.

Example 2: Level II student Marie Curie is taking Chemistry 2202 and Physics 2204. She completes 3 separate term projects for her courses - 2 course projects for Chemistry 2202 and 1 year long course project for Physics 2204. For each course the marks for these projects are separately added to her Alternate Assessment.

Project Sections and Deadlines

A. Science Fair Topic Selection Sheet: Oct 1 /15 (5%) 

B. Proposal Sheet: Dec. 7/14 (35%) - reassigned as of the last school day in December and not accepted after Jan. 22. See the embedded site below or download this file, print and complete it. (Late Proposal Sheet or plagiarized work will result in transfer to term project).

Science Fair - Experiment Log ‎‎(40%)‎‎ Due Feb. 24/15

C. Science Fair Log: Feb 24/16 (40%) - Use the shared Google Doc to complete your Science Fair Log (a required component of every science fair project). Just use this Google document. Once completed, share the document with your teacher or print it and pass it in. 

D. Science Fair: April 7th/2016 (20%) Download this file and use this instead of making a poster (save $$$). The instructions on how to use the file are on the file!! 
Projects must be set up in the science labs after school - Judging starts at 6 PM and Public Viewing is at 8 PM. 
Awards will be presented after the public viewing.

Your science teacher will provide project details for your course, if you are doing science fair use the information links below.

Holy Spirit Science Fair Project Resources.