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French Immersion Links For Teachers and Parents

If you are a parent of a child in French Immersion, click on the links to the left or above. 

The text below is for teachers who may find this site useful.

It can be hard to find access to French Immersion resources so when I discovered Symbaloo, I was very excited to have access to French Immersion teachers' bookmarks organized by theme or activity. Symbaloo is an online bookmarking site which allows teachers to create an account and then save "webmixes" of bookmarks organized by theme. 

Watch here to learn about Symbaloo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZYMXxw5zl0


My own personal Symbaloo is organized by subject. For example, I have a science webmix where I save bookmarks related to my grade four science program. I also save other webmixes which have been made "public" and are found by searching the Symbaloo site. Here are a few public webmixes that I have found.

Primary French songs. 



A mix of abc and 123 plus other useful songs. Most of the links are Youtube links that the author of this site converted to "safe" links using Safeshare TV. (safeshare.tv) By pasting a YouTube link into Safeshare, you create a "safe" link which doesn't contain ads or those pesky "suggestions" on the right of the screen. 


A collection of sites useful to parents of primary aged immersion students



Yourkidtv. - A private Youtube channel uniquely for kids. This one is all in French! Click on the playlists option to see playlists that other people have compiled.



Monde des petits on Youtube. - A collection of primary songs and stories



A collection of links to French videos. - This is a work in progress as I add new links


A collection of links to French sites to learn vocabulary- A work in progress as I add new links.



Bookbox.com - A list of online stories read to the students from Bookbox.com via YouTube.


Acapela Group - Listen to an authentic French voice read the text. You can paste text into the box and have an authentic French Canadian voice read it. Great for parents who want to be sure their child is pronouncing their home reading correctly.


For Kindergarten and Grade One teachers. A repository of French activities. You need to subscribe to this site to gain access to the documents.


Ottawa Public Library - French games and access to French audiobooks (Tumblebooks)