The schedule posted here is the routine schedule. Changes or additional rehearsals will be added in this area.

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 Day 12 3 5 7
 Period 1     
 Period 2    Sr Sax+   
 Period 3 Sr Flute    Sr Trpt  
 Period 4       
 Period 5
 Sr Clar    Sr Perc 

Day 10 11  12 1314 
 Period 1       
 Period 2    Jr Trpt   
 Period 3 Jr Flute    Jr LBB  
 Period 4  Jr Clar    
 Period 5  Jr Sax   Jr Perc 

After school rehearsals:
 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 Senior Concert Band Junior Concert Band Junior Jazz Band Senior Concert Band Senior Jazz Band

Music Demo Recordings:

Senior Concert Band:
Amazing Grace by Frank Ticheli
Game of Thrones arranged by Michael Brown.
The Lion King, arranged by John Higgins.
Remembrance Day, by Jacob de Haan
Over The Rainbow, arranged by Warren Barker.

Senior Jazz Band:
Respect arranged by Roger Holmes.
Swing Machine by Larry Neeck.
Loafin' by Frank Mantooth.
The incredibles, arranged by Paul Murtha (Remember: The last 2 bars are different)
The Pink Panther, arranged by Paul Murtha.

Junior Concert Band:
Rivers by Samuel Hazo
Prelude and Firestorm by Roland Barrett
Raiders March, arranged by Jack Bullock
Ye Banks and Braes O' Bonnie Doon, arranged by Michael Sweeney
Hedwig's Theme, arranged by Victor Lopez

Junior Jazz Band:
Mercy Mercy Mercy (link soon)
Satin Doll (link soon)
Antigua by Ralph Gingery
Sweet Home Chicago. This is not exactly our version, but it is similar. Different key!
Stand By Me. The original version, not ours.