The schedule posted here is the routine schedule. Changes or additional rehearsals will be added in this area.

Please see a copy of our band guidelines and policies.

 Day 12 3 5 7
 Period 1     
 Period 2    Sr Sax+   
 Period 3 Sr Flute    Sr Trpt  
 Period 4       
 Period 5
 Sr Clar    Sr Perc 

Day 10 11  12 1314 
 Period 1       
 Period 2    Jr Trpt   
 Period 3 Jr Flute    Jr LBB  
 Period 4  Jr Clar    
 Period 5  Jr Sax   Jr Perc 

After school rehearsals:
 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 Senior Concert Band Junior Concert Band Junior Jazz Band Senior Concert Band Senior Jazz Band

Music Demo Recordings:

Senior Concert Band:
The Lion King, arranged by John Higgins.
Remembrance Day, by Jacob de Haan

Senior Jazz Band:

Junior Concert Band:
Raiders March, arranged by Jack Bullock
Ye Banks and Braes O' Bonnie Doon, arranged by Michael Sweeney

Junior Jazz Band: