The schedule posted here is the routine schedule. Changes or additional rehearsals will be added in this area. The music links below are from last year and will be updated soon.

Please see a copy of our band guidelines and policies.

 Day 12 3 5 7
 Period 1     
 Period 2   Sr Clar    
 Period 3
    Sr Trumpet  
 Period 4  Sr Perc  Sr Sax/Hn   
 Period 5Sr Flute     Sr LBB 

Day 10 11  12 1314 
 Period 1       
 Period 2 Jr Flute  Jr Clar    
 Period 3     Jr Trumpet  Jr Perc
 Period 4   Jr Sax   
 Period 5     Jr LBB 

After school rehearsals:
 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 Senior Concert Band Junior Concert Band Junior Jazz Band Senior Concert Band Senior Jazz Band

Music Demo Recordings:

Senior Concert Band:
Overture In B Flat by Caesar Giovannini, arranged by Wayne Robinson.
They Came Sailing by Andre Jutras.
Alleluia by Randall Thompson, arranged by Lewis J. Buckley
Beyond The Horizon by Tracy O. Behrman
St. Florian Choral by Thomas Doss

Senior Jazz Band:
Don't Know Why arranged by Paul Murtha. Original Norah Jones version.
Reunion In Rio by Peter Blair. Click the speaker icon in middle of the page.
The Last Lap by Bret Zvacek. Click on the speaker icon in the middle of the page.
Mister Nice Guy by Larry Neeck. (There are options to just listen or look at the music while listening.)

Junior Concert Band:
Ignite The Night by James Swearingen. Click the small speaker icon in the middle of the page.
Beyond The Wind by Mark Williams (scroll down a little for the play button).
December Sky by Erik Morales
The Tempest by Robert W. Smith

Junior Jazz Band:
Easy Street by Jay Chattaway.
Ocean View by Ralph Gingery.
Jammin' With Charlie by Dean Sorenson & Bruce Pearson