Grade Two Ms. Monica Noseworthy


Math Strategy for the Week: When one of the numbers is 1,2, or 3, start with the greater number and count on. See: 7+2=__ See: 3+9=__

Think: 7....8,9 Think: 9.....10,11,12

Another Math Strategy: Making a ten and adding on can also help solve basic addition facts. (Of course memorisation is the ideal strategy!) Let' see if this makes sense:if you don't know 7+5 but know 7+3 = 10 then you can count the other 2 numbers left in 5 on: So 7+3=10 (plus two =12) so 7+5 must =12. Crazy! (but works).

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Important Dates to Keep in Mind:

Gym: Day 2, 6,7

Library Book Exchange: Day 5

Recycling: Every second Wednesday

Homework Folders due: Fridays (unless notified otherwise)

Check your child's agenda daily for important notifications. Also, check pouch, new notes will be placed there. Read with your child 15 minutes every night and initial their progress on the log sheet in their duo tang folder. It will make a difference! Thank you for your support each and every day. Mrs. N.