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2011-2012 WLC Board

Laura Kessler, President

Lauren Fried,

Amber Montague, Chair of Communications and Marketing (please contact regarding this web site)

Shawna Bray,
Symposium Co-Chair

Dana Peterson,
Symposium Co-Chair

Sara Kase, Chair of Orientation and Mentorship

Jess Notebaert, Chair of Professional Development

Michelle Wong, Chair of Professional Development

Nikki Buck, Chair of Community Outreach

Alexius Cruz O'Malley, Chair of Alumni and New Events

Jessica Murray, Kellogg Liaison

2011-2012 WLC New Student Reps

Alison Caverly, Alumni Relations Representative

Suzie Brindise, Professional Development Co-Representative

Ariel Simon, Professional Development Co-Representative

Yvette Diaz, Mentorship Representative

Caite Martini, Community Outreach Representative

Gina Chen, Kellogg Co-Representative

Bridget Scherbring, Kellogg Co-Representative

Emily Thomas, Symposium Co-Representative

Allie McDonald, Symposium Co-Representative

Lillian Lee, Communications & Marketing Representative