For Northwestern Law Students:
Q: I can't see the calendar.  What can I do to view it?
A: Access to the calendar is restricted to the Northwestern Law community.  Use the sign-in link at the bottom of this page to log in to your nlaw account and try again.  Still having trouble?  E-mail Maureen Stratton (m-stratton@law.northwestern.edu)

Q: How do I log my service hours?
A: Click on this LINK (which will open in a new window).  Go to the Student Time Log.  Enter your NetID, password, and the relevant information for the event(s) in which you have participated.

Q: How many hours do I need to volunteer?
A: All Northwestern Law students are strongly encouraged to contribute a number of hours of service to the community during their studies.  The recommendations are 50 hours for JD students, 30 hours for AJD and transfer students, and 15 hours for LLM students.  Special recognition is given to those who go above and beyond.

Q: How do I get involved?
A: Training for weekly CYP tutoring, weekly/bi-weekly WITS tutoring, and the ACLU Jimmy Doe Project will take place the week of September 12.  Attend those sessions if you'd like to participate.  Otherwise, keep an eye out for e-mails with the [SERV] label in the subject line.  We'll keep you informed about SERV Saturday events and many other volunteer opportunities throughout the year.  

Q:  There's a great organization in town that needs volunteers.  How do I let SERV know about it?
A:  If there's an organization you think SERV should work with, let us know and we'll make it happen!  E-mail us at serv@nlaw.northwestern.edu.  Also, it's possible to get service hours credit for work not formally organized through SERV.  Contact Maureen Stratton for approval.

Q: How do I become a student leader with SERV?
A: Look information at the beginning of the school year on section representative positions and in the spring for board positions.

Q: What does SERV stand for?
A: Student Effort to Rejuvenate Volunteering.

For Service Organizations:
Q:  We need helping hands.  Are Northwestern Students available to volunteer?
A:  Contact us by e-mail (serv@nlaw.northwestern.edu) and we'll see what we can do!  We're always looking for ways to be involved and help out in the community.