Welcome to the NKHS Student Services Page, a page  dedicated to establishing a positive school culture.  We hope you find this page useful, informative and interactive.  Each month of the school year we hope to build a cache of themes, videos, articles and lessons to help our school have common conversations and interactions with each other.  With over 1500 people in the building, we do not always have the time or space to talk about our School Culture.  We hope through this site and your input, that we can share the things that are relative and important to having a positive school culture.  We may not always agree, but we can try to understand and accept another person's point of view.  In order to do that we have to ask ourselves hard questions, bring up topics that are important and to commit to the work of unifying a large school.  Your input, ideas and thoughts are welcomed, please e-mail Mrs. Sweet:  Donna_Sweet@nksd.net!

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Mr. Clarke

Grades 9 & 11




Mr. Clarke is the Dean for students in grades 10 & 12.   A member of North Kingstown High School's Student Services Office (SSO), he assists in overseeing school safety, student culture, and discipline matters. In addition, his goals are to assist students, faculty and the school community in improving school attendance and building a positive school culture through PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support).



Mr. Clarke has worked as a teacher, coach, and administrator. He has served on the Crisis Prevention Team, School Improvement Team, RtI, (Response to Intervention), and participated in PBIS with the Sherlock Center at RIC.



Mr. Clarke has completed the Advanced ALICE training awarding him instructor level certification for school safety and culture. 


Mr.  McDonald

Grades 10 & 12



Mr. McDonald is the Dean of students in grades 9 & 11.   A member of North Kingstown High School's Student Services Office (SSO), he joined the school's community of professionals in 2004 as a mathematics teacher, where students benefitted from his skill as an educator and from a number of programs he employed to include the integration of SMART Response interactive technology within math lessons and the Algebra 2 lab program.  Both these programs helped to increase the passing rate of students struggling with math disciplines. It is because of the encouraging rapport Mr. McDonald develops with students and the shared respect that results that he was selected to serve in his current capacity.


Prior to becoming a teacher Mr. McDonald held a series of positions in the financial services industry.  He earned both his Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and his Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education from the University of Rhode Island.  

Mr. Hill and Ms. Skerry, Student Services Clerks

Donna Sweet - Guidance Counselor and Aspiring Principal

 Donna Sweet

  Assistant Principal

Student Services




 A graduate of Cranston East High School, Class of 1990, Ms. Sweet earned her Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education/English from the University of Rhode Island in 1996, and in 2002 earned her Master’s degree in Counseling from Rhode Island College.  Ms. Sweet joined North Kingstown High School's Guidance Department in 2005 after nine years of teaching English and counseling at Westerly High School.  She served as the department's chairperson from 2010 until 2014 and fulfilled the role of SAT coordinator for over 10 years.    In addition, she was an advisor for the graduating classes of 2008 and 2015. 


Ms. Sweet was the recipient of the Rhode Island Blood Center Vision Award in 2012 for her role as co-sponsor of the High School Heroes program at NKHS, a role she will continue.  In June of 2015 she graduated from the Principal Residency Network and is pleased to continue her service to the North Kingstown and Jamestown communities as the Assistant Principal for Student Services.