Mrs. Dabrosca

Grade Seven Literacy

Quarter 1


This class will explore writing and language, and the discovery of how one’s own ideas can interrelate to achieve new levels of meaning. Writing, reading, grammar, and speaking and listening skills will also be fostered through a variety of assignments.

Materials: (Due 9/6)

~1 ½ inch three-ring binder

~WMS Planner

~College-ruled loose leaf paper

~Silent Reading Book

~Five subject dividers

~2- Two pocket folders [color assigned by teacher]

~Pen, pencil, and highlighter

~Headphones or earbuds

~One package of colored pencils

~Wireless mouse (optional)

~Reinforcements (optional)

Grading Policy

Informal Assessments:

  • 10% = Homework
  • 15% = Brief Quizzes and Class Work

Formal Assessments:

  • 75% = Extended Quizzes, Tests, Essays, Reading Evidence, Projects

Homework Policy

Students should expect to have Literacy homework each night. Late homework will not be accepted. Projects and essays, as designated by the teacher, will be accepted late with 10 points deducted for each day late and will follow the WMS grading policy. If you have an excused absence, make-up work must be completed according to the requirements in the WMS handbook.

Reading Requirements

Students will be encouraged to read 25 books throughout the course of the year. The total number of books read will be logged by the students as the year progresses. Students are required to read 20-30 minutes each day and complete a weekly reading record. Students will also complete reading evidence assignments throughout each quarter based on their independent reading. Books are available through the town, school, and classroom libraries. Students are responsible for reimbursement for any/all classroom library books that are lost or damaged.

The Door Is Always Open to Students and Parents!

Students at Wickford Middle School are highly encouraged to speak to their teachers when they have questions or feel they need extra help. It is my sincere hope that students feel they can trust and approach me with their comments and concerns. At the same time, I invite parents to feel free to contact me at any time with questions, concerns, and/or comments. Also, please see Aspen and my WMS web page for regular updates and resources. Students are also encouraged to visit the Google Classroom for our class, as resources and assignments will be posted regularly for them to access.

I am looking forward to a great year. Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns!

Mrs. Tiffany Dabrosca


Phone: (401) 268-6470 or (401) 268-6471

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