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Monologue Resources


When choosing a monologue, there are a few basic guidelines to follow.
  • Nothing from TV or Movies
  • Stick with your playable age range, gender, and playable ethnicity 
  • Do a monologue from a published play
  • Stick to something you understand and can relate to
  • Avoid monologues that occur while reading or dictating a letter, book, or written passage, talking on the phone, or making a speech to an audience
  • Avoid accents or character voices unless they are requested
  • Avoid the subject of rape, or monologues that overtly sexualize violence or performances of monologues that make violence sexual
  • Don't do a monologue that contains more than one character
  • Don't do a monologue whose stakes and emotionality you can't achieve in under a minute
  • Don't make a choice in a monologue that goes against the play that it is in
  • Avoid a lot of cursing; cursing is easy
  • Subtext is good
  • It's okay to be funny and/or entertaining- comedy is difficult
  • Research the show you're auditioning for and know what the requirements are