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Classroom Guidance

All classrooms receive 45-minute guidance lessons which are age appropriate and target common issues students face in school. Kindergarten and 1st grade classrooms are visited every other week, while 2nd thru 5th grade classrooms are visited once a month. 

In September, during the first several weeks of school, I visit all classrooms to do an introduction lesson, where I will introduce myself and discuss the roles of my job. 

For the month of October, lessons will be focused on respect and bucket-filling. Students will understand what the word respect means, how to show respect, and why it is important to show respect. Students will be taught that "filling someone's bucket" will be a form of showing respect. If you are not familiar with "bucket-filling", this term is taken from the award-winning children's book "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" Bucket-filling is simply doing something kind for others and for yourself! When you "fill someone's bucket" with your kind actions, you in turn fill your own bucket up too!!