The Individual Student Alternative Education Plan (ISAEP) program is designed students ages 16 to 18 who are currently enrolled in high school and are having difficulty finding success in a regular classroom environment or are unable to meet VDOE high school graduation requirements. ISAEP programs are located in school divisions throughout Virginia and are funded through a combination of state grants and local funds. New Kent High School provides this program for individuals who meet both federal and state requirements for program entry.

Students enrolled in the ISAEP program receive career counseling, Economics and Personal Finance, Workplace Readiness Skills and the opportunity to receive a certification. The student has the option to re-enroll in a regular classroom environment at any time.

Enrollment Process

Students enrolling in the ISAEP program must meet the following requirements for enrollment:

- take part in a meeting with their school counselor and parent to discuss available options

-take part in an Initial ISAEP meeting

- take part in evaluations /assessments consisting of the GED Ready Practice Test

- pass the 8th grade reading equivalent standardized reading assessment and receiving a minimum score of 135 on each section of the GED 2014 Official Practice Tests (OPT)

- take part in the ISAEP Intake meeting and agree to the terms of the ISAEP program requirements

ISAEP Completion Requirements

The following must be completed to successfully exit the ISAEP program:

- Pass all portions of the Official GED test.

- Successfully complete the career and technical component.

- Complete an Economics and Personal Finance course.

- Complete the Workplace Readiness Skills assessment.

- Take part in an exit meeting with a Coordinator of Alternative Student Success and/or School Counselor to discuss post- secondary or vocational training and/or career choice.