New Kent Instructional Technology

In 2015, New Kent County Public Schools clarified our instructional direction in order to provide students a world-class education that is engaging and prepares them to accomplish their future goals. During that summer, a committee of stakeholders worked to develop a vision for instruction which became our instructional framework. The purpose of this framework is to establish goals and to guide the instruction for our students. This framework incorporates the following goals for our students:

  • Students will think critically to deepen understanding, make informed decisions, and solve real-world problems using appropriate tools and resources.
  • Students will access and evaluate information through guided and independent research opportunities using appropriate tools and resources to create meaning, make informed decisions and generate products.
  • Students will communicate and collaborate effectively to reach a common goal or create a product. Students will reach a variety of audiences using appropriate tools and resources.
  • Students will apply research methods, critical thinking and problem solving skills, and effective communication tools to develop original ideas, create products, and voice their learning in a variety of ways.

Along with these goals, the division developed indicators that would show how teachers and students were progressing in their ability to demonstrate the skills associated with each goal. This framework guides the way New Kent views instructional practices, plans for instruction, and evaluates the effectiveness of our instruction.

One to One digital access for students and teachers allows New Kent County Public Schools to provide a 21st Century education that fosters critical thinking, problem solving, communication, information fluency and creativity.