Student Growth

Assessment of the gifted students’ performance is critical to ensure they are meeting the curriculum goals. For the gifted learner in particular, we are interested in "authentic assessment," which is the evaluation of students' products, performances, and achievements that have meaning in real life.  Along with traditional methods of growth assessment, the students who are in the gifted program will also be assessed in the following way:

  1. All gifted students will complete an annual gifted plan with the assistance of a teacher or guidance counselor. In the elementary and middle schools the gifted resource teachers will work with identified students to develop annual goals that the students will work toward. In grades K-2, the parents will be asked to participate in the development of goals for their child. Upon completion of the drafting of the plan, a copy will be sent to the student’s parent and provided to the students’ teachers

  2. The progress of the students will be monitored throughout the year and reviewed with the student at the end of the semester and at the end of the year.

  3. The student’s progress will be documented on the plan and a copy will be sent to the parents with the final report card.