Gifted Services
At all grade levels, program services are Continuous and Sequential and, where appropriate, provide:

Instructional Time with Age-level Peers
Instructional Time with Intellectual and Academic Peers
Instructional Time to Work Independently

Students at all levels are heterogeneously grouped. The classroom teachers are trained in the identification and needs of gifted students. Acceleration and enrichment activities are provided within the classroom environment and in the ACE pull out classes. The resource teacher works with the classroom teachers in a collaborative manner and the pull-out option is utilized.   At all levels students are encouraged to advance their knowledge and skills in their areas of gifted identification.  The curriculum is differentiated through various approaches to content, process, and product. The cluster teachers and the gifted resource teachers work cooperatively to this end.

Students in middle school who are identified as gifted are cluster-grouped on teams with trained teachers. Acceleration is provided based upon individual needs and generally occurs in math and foreign language. Students receive differentiated work in other curriculum areas.  Students have the option of taking a gifted resource class in 6th and 7th grades.  The resource teacher works with the classroom teacher in a collaborative manner and the pull-out option is also utilized.

Students in grades 3 through 8 may apply to attend the summer regional governor's school.  For more information, please proceed to the Governor's School page.

Students who are identified as gifted in high school are offered a range of courses, including Honors, Advanced Placement, and Dual Enrollment. Students also have the option of attending one of two academic year Governor's Schools, participating in an independent study, and/or working in a mentorship program.