Want to join the band?

5th Grade students- Thank you for allowing us to visit your schools and share information about the band program with you!  We hope to see each of you in Beginning Band next year.  If you are interested in joining, mark that on your Music Registration Form that was stapled to the folder you were given on the day we visited.  Turn that in to your school's main office, and I will be in touch with you with more information about starting your journey in band!

Beginning Band Instrument Night for all new band students will be on Tuesday, May 16th from 6:00-8:00 PM at New Kent Middle School.  At this event, you will get a chance to try out every instrument, meet with the band director individually to talk about what instrument will be best for you, take a tour of the band room, and talk with current band students.  If you cannot attend Beginning Band Night, let Ms. Stansbury know via email at ostansbury@nkcps.k12.va.us and she will be in touch to set up a separate time to meet with you and try out the instruments.   

When does Beginning Band meet?

Beginning Band is a class, just like Math or Science.  So, you will have minimal required events outside of school.  We play two concerts each year, one in December and one in May, with an after school dress rehearsal before each one.  Those two concerts and two rehearsals are the only required out of school events in Beginning Band.  The only homework you will have for band is practicing your instrument.  We have band students that participate in Choir, the school musical, Odyssey of the Mind, basketball, football, softball, cheerleading, and many other activities.  It is easy to be in band and the other activities that you love!

Why should you do band?

Joining the band has so many benefits!  You automatically are part of a group when you start at New Kent Middle School- the band is one big family.  Not only have studies shown that learning to play an instrument helps your brain develop more, but having band on your resume in middle school and even high school makes you a very well rounded student as you continue your education!  Don’t believe it yet?  Read below about why our current students love band!

If you like music and you like playing it too, band will be for you.  Band is awesome!

-Juliun, Clarinet

You should join band because you get to travel to places and play your instrument, and because you have a great teacher!

-Ben, Percussion

Band is so much fun when you’re playing and you learn new songs a lot.

-Leah, Flute

The clarinet helps me have better reflexes because you have to think of where to put your fingers quickly.

-Aaron, Clarinet

You should join band because you learn about music and how to play your instrument.  Please join band class, it is fun!

-Savana, Clarinet

Band allows you to escape the outside world.

-Jamie, Baritone

Band is fun and cool.  Ms. Stansbury is very nice, and it helps the mind develop.

-Alex, Trumpet