This purpose of this site is to inform students of job opportunities with area employers. As area employers contact NKHS, we will post their possible employment offerings to this site. Our goal is to update this site on a weekly basis or as immediate openings come available. If you are interested in any job opportunity, please make sure that your parents and/or guardian are aware of your intention and you have their consent.

Please be mindful that when you are working for an area employer, you are representing yourself, and your parents. In addition, you are representing the pride and reputation of New Kent High School. You will be showing the community that you are " New Kent Strong."

In addition to the job opportunity postings on this site, they will also be displayed on a bulletin board next to Room B112 which is located on the Green Hallway.

Finally, you may contact by calling NKHS at (804) 966-9671 with questions and or concerns.

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