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How do I know my child will be safe using this Chromebook?

We plan to set clear expectations with students and have them sign the acceptable use policy.  We also have a proven filtering system and teachers will be teaching from all points of the classroom so that they can see student screens.  That being said, it is impossible to know what every student is doing at all times on a device.  This is why we plan to focus heavily on teaching students how to use the devices responsibly.  Parents will need to partner with us and do the same at home.  If parents have concerns about their child’s usage at home, they should have their student work in a common room where the screen is visible.  Parents can also routinely look at apps students are using and the browsing history cannot be deleted.  Parents will also need to determine if they want to add content filtering at their home.  Internet carriers provide filtering that can easily be added to any home network. Parents can learn about the NKCPS acceptable use policy that defines the expectations for any computer usage and our Chromebook Agreement located in our student handbook provides guidance specifically for the Chromebook.  There are also resources specifically to help families guide their children in the digital age that can be found here.

  • Chromebooks have built-in anti-virus software that is always up-to-date.
  • Chromebooks are secure. You can read all of the techie info here if you would like to read how the devices are engineered to be secure computing devices.