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Can students use their own laptops or tablets instead of a Chromebook?

Students will be required to use the NKCPS issued Chromebook at school. Students cannot bring their own device as one is provided for them. The primary reason for this is to ensure optimal performance and student safety on our network. Additional devices will create greater strain and reduce performance.  We also want to ensure students are using the same platform as the teacher and the rest of the class. Documents, apps, and websites often appear differently on varying devices.  

New Kent County Public Schools selected the Chromebook for numerous factors including its light weight, long battery life, integration with Google Apps for Education, security, compatibility with management tools, integrated keyboard and cost. NKCPS issued Chromebooks will contain additional services and filters that non-county purchased Chromebooks will not.  

NKCPS will be providing a Dell New Chromebook 11 to all middle school and high school students and teachers.  The Chromebooks will be distributed to students shortly after the start of the school year.  The students will keep them throughout the school year for use at school and at home.