New Kent High School
Empty Bowls 2016
Empty Bowls Projects have been popular among potters for sometime. It is a way to give back to the community and provides young artists and potters the opportunity to become stewards of their locales. The concept is simple. Potters create a series of food containers. We have included bowls, plates, cups and mugs in our project and all are food safe. Empty Bowls auctions have been held in several formats. Live auctions where bidding can become fast and furious with immediate results, silent auctions or online auctions such as our project. After payment has been received, the bowls are then delivered or shipped to the winners.

Our Empty Bowls Project is basically the same, with a few exceptions. We are supporting The New Kent County Social Services Food Pantry, which serves our local residents. All of our bowls were made by either the instructor, Susan Musselman or her students, ranging in age and ability from fourteen to seventeen years and first through fourth year (DE Ceramics) students. Some are thrown (created on a potters wheel) the rest are hand formed with hump molds. Several pieces have interesting finger marks from the very student who created the bowl, making it personal, much like ancient Japanese tea bowls.
As our vessels are not cast from a slip mold, the unique shape and thickness vary and the look of each piece is often not completely symmetrical, which only adds to the character of the work.  Our project has grown since our first efforts with more variety and increased interest. Thank you for supporting our students here at New Kent High School and their desire to help others in their community. 

Chili & Check Nite
Save the date! December 14, 2016 at 6:00 PM at
New Kent High School
Culinary Arts Room
Chef Neko Burson and his students are preparing our faire.
You are cordially invited to the event where a check for our total amount raised will be presented to a representative of The New Kent County Social Services Food Pantry. 

If for some reason you are unable to come during the evening or want to pickup your piece early, we are happy to accommodate.

Please let us know via email/phone when we notify you of your victory if you are attending Chili and Check Nite, picking up during the day or other plans to get your work.

Rosewood Pottery
Susan Musselman and her students would like to extend a heartfelt "Thank you" to a local community pottery studio, Rosewood Pottery. The owners of Rosewood Pottery, Janet Lopatofsky and Kathleen Lipinski, who upon hearing about the project graciously offered to donate the clay, glazes and glaze firing to support this worthy local  project. They have again continued to support our community stewardship and we have formed a strong and invaluable partnership by spending time with us to demonstrate additional throwing skills and techniques.

Acquiring one of these vessels is simple. 

1.) Click through the pages by clicking on the numbers found at the top of this opening page. Study the work, choosing the one(s) that strike your fancy. 
2.) Choose the work(s) you would like to own and click on the "Bid Here" tag at the top of the page.
3.) Fill out the form and click the drop down menu to place your bid. Bidding begins at designated amounts and increases in $2.00 increments. Your contact information remains secure and private. The only thing that will be visible by others is the current bid, but not the source.
4.) Bids will be updated daily. Note, should two people bid the same amount on the same bowl, a time stamp accompanies all bids so there will be no confusion.
5.) If you see a bowl that you simply must have and do not want to chance it slipping through your fingers, simply go the the bottom of the Bid drop down menu and click on the $30.00 bid amount, our version of the "Buy it Now" concept. Remember there is a time stamp on all bids. The bowl is yours and will be removed from the bidding, although the image will remain on the site. 
6.) I will try to email updates when you are out bid, but we strongly urge you to check back and see if the bid amount has changed. You can always re-bid!
7.) At the close of the auction, all winners will be notified via email/phone and payment arrangements will be completed. Payment is accepted in the form of cash or check. 
8.) After your payment has been received, we will make arrangements for you and your purchase to come together. 

There are several ways to accomplish this. You may attend our Chili & Check Nite on December 14, 2016 at 6:00 PM.

If for some reason, this does not suit you, you may collect your work from our Main Office during regular school hours, leaving your payment at that time or we are happy to ship your work to you. Shipping after payment has been made, does require an additional $5.00 charge to retain as much of our funds as possible for the food pantry.