Weekly and Monthly Schedules

Weekly Meeting-Plan of the day


Monday: June 17th(1900-2100)
Uniform of the day: ABUs



Officer(s) in Charge


Opening Formation

C/2nd Lt Tabussi


 C/2nd Lt Tabussi and Col Adamo



C/2nd Lt Tabussi and Col. Adamo


Final Formation and Dismissal

 1st Lt Tabussi, C/CMSgt Geerinck, and C/2nd Lt Tabussi



News and Notes:

  • GET Your Encampment things in order and begin packing
  • Review the updated 2019 Calendar under upcoming squadron events
  • Have your forms 160/161 completed and ready for inspection.

If you are unable to attend the meeting:

June-Monthly Planner

Week 1:

June 3rd  


Uniform: PT gear

Session 1: PT

Session 2: Drill

Duty Officer: C/2nd Lt Tabussi

Week 2:

June 10th


Uniform: A/BDUs

Session 1: CDI

Session 2: Safety

Duty Officer: C/2nd Lt Tabussi

Week 3:

June 17th

Uniform: A/BDUs

Session 1: Aerospace

Session 2: Aerospace

Duty Officer: C/2nd Lt Tabussi


Week 4:

June 24th


Uniform: Blues

Session 1: leadership activities

Session 2: Promotion review boards

Duty Officer: C/2nd Lt Tabussi

·        finish preparing for  NJ Basic encampment @JBMDL



·        Consult the weekly agenda and check squadron website for updates.

·        Cadets who cannot make a meeting please notify C/2nd Lt Tabussi at Christopher.Tabussi@njwg.cap.gov


Joseph Adamo, Lt Colonel, CAP Commander