About NJWG

About New Jersey Wing of the U.S. Civil Air Patrol
New Jersey Wing has over 1,000 members, consisting of cadets, who are between 12 and 21 years old, and senior members over 18 years old. Our members come from all walks of life, most have an interest in aviation or the space program and enjoy helping our cadets grow into the leaders of America.

The Cadet Program
The cadet program provides motivated teenagers, leadership, aerospace, physical and moral training with a unique opportunity to acquire the skills they will need in their adult life. The cadet program is largely run by the cadets and includes a wide variety of opportunities in aerospace, communications, emergency services and other fields, as well as the opportunity to compete for college and aviation scholarships. In New Jersey, the cadet program includes opportunities to work at airshows, orientation flights with certified pilots and many community service events, as well as squadron meetings and the annual basic encampment.

Emergency Services
The Civil Air Patrol provides ground and air search and rescue as well as a state wide communications network encompassing aerial, fixed base, mobile and repeated systems. Annually, New Jersey Wing participates in over 80 US Air Force directed search and rescue missions to locate potentially downed aircraft. On 9/11/2001 and for a period of time after that New Jersey units provided disaster relief and support in Jersey City and in New York City assisting in the loading of barges ferrying supplies in to NYC. A number of NJ Wing members also took part in emergency services following Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy – on the ground and in the air.

Homeland Security
New Jersey Wing supports ongoing homeland security missions through various ground and airborne security missions throughout the state.

Aerospace Education
New Jersey Wing supports both internal and external aerospace education programs. Internally, the curriculum teaches cadets and senior members fundamentals of aviation and provides opportunities for all members to earn an FAA pilots license. In our external aerospace education program, we provide age specific curriculum, materials, books and training to educators for middle and high schools. Civil Air Patrol supports numerous events and seminars for the general public. We also provide initial and ongoing proficiency and safety training for our air crews.

About Us
The local units of the Civil Air Patrol are called squadrons. In New Jersey, there are many squadrons for both cadets and adult officers, located all over the state – from Cape May to the New York border, from Cherry Hill to Fort Monmouth. If you’re interested in the Civil Air Patrol, we recommend you visit a local squadron, talk to the commander and find out where you – or your potential cadet – might fit in.
If you require more assistance, you are invited to contact our wing headquarters at McGuire AFB, (609) 754-8895.
Media interested in the Civil Air Patrol in New Jersey should contact the New Jersey Wing public affairs staff at public.affairs@njwg.cap.gov or call the Wing Headquarters office at 609-754-8895.