Fall 2015 Intitation Process

Invitations to apply for AEL are distributed based on cumulative grade point average. Invitees must complete an online application and submit a resume, membership fee, and 2 letters of recommendation so that we may evaluate eligibility.  

The criteria for selection into AEL for 2015-16 are the following:

  - Academic Excellence 

 - Leadership Activities (academic, professional, or community)

 - Exemplary Character

 - Completion of at least 2/3 of the credits towards an NJIT master's or doctoral


 The mission of the Sigma Chapter of AEL at NJIT is to recognize, promote and foster high academic achievement and continued educational goals for graduate students; and to encourage and support development of all graduate student organizations and to recognize the diversity of our high achieving  students at NJIT.


Applications must be completed and supporting documents submitted by October 24th, 2015 to the following address:


 Dr. Sotirios Ziavras 

Associate Provost of Graduate Studies

 New Jersey Institute of Technology

 Office of Graduate Studies

 Fenster Hall, Suite 140

 University Heights

 Newark, NJ 07102


 If you require further information, please contact us at 973-596-3462 or e-mail Regina Collins at rsb24@njit.edu or Chris Markson at crm23@njit.edu