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Welcome to the Library Media Center!

                    • Library Spaces:
            Look for signs that designate library spaces for classroom use, quiet study, and group  study.

                    • Instructional Spaces:  
There are 3 Instructional Spaces:  
                • Library Media Classroom
                • Chromebook Classroom 
                • Nonfiction Classroom 
  •   Chromebooks 
                • The library is equipped with 90 Chromebooks.  Chromebooks can be used by classes or individual students in the library.
                • Students may sign-out a Chromebook at the Circulation Desk for use anywhere in the library.
              • Staff: 
                • Ms. McAndrews, New Library Media Specialist
                • Mrs. Halpin, Library Assistant
                • Mrs. Lohre, Library Assistant
                • Mrs. Venezio, Library Assistant 
              • Copying and Printing
                •  Students and staff can access the copy machine located near the library entrance.
                •  Students may use this machine at any time.  Just ask the library staff at the circulation desk for the copier key.
                •  Students may also use the copier as a printer.  This is a black and white printer only.

Library Instruction Calendar

Please visit the library to sign up to use any of the library's instructional spaces.  Instructional Spaces include:

Media Center Classroom
Chromebook Classroom (CBC)
Non-fiction Classroom 

Click on the image below to access SNAP, 
School Library System's collection of videos (DVD and streaming) and books.

Check out the ARC Presentation to the Niskayuna School Board from April 5, 2016.  

Special thanks to Mr. O'Connor for his help with our "NED talk" and to the following student tutors who took part in the presentation:
Rose Parisi, Molly Nealon, Christopher Stroud, Devin Massari, Jackie Yao, Auerman Atif and Gabriel Kammer.