Mentoring Program
The Niskayuna Central School District recognizes the importance of hiring, inducting and retaining excellent teachers within our system, in order to maintain our tradition of excellence in education.

To do this, the district has a comprehensive, intentional mentoring initiative.

The following are goals of the teacher mentoring program:

 To increase the retention of promising beginning teachers.
 To transmit the culture of the system to beginning teachers.
 To strengthen teaching performance.
 To promote the personal and professional well-being of beginning teachers.
 To strengthen school climate and collaboration throughout the district.
 To continue to build our professional learning community.
 To encourage reflective practice among teachers.
 To assist in satisfying requirements related to Annual Professional Performance Review and teacher certification.

Program Philosophy                                                           Mentoring Calendar                                               New Teacher Requirements

Sample Mentor/Mentee Log                                               Professional Seminars                                           Mentor Requirements

Roles and Responsibilities                                                Niskayuna Calendar 2017-18                  Mentor Assignment Protocol

APPR                                                            New Teacher Orientation Agenda