Iroquois Middle School Student Council



November 8th AFTER School

For 7th and 8th grade members only 

3:15-4:00 pM in room 202

See Ms. Tambasco if you can not make the meeting!

Dear Iroquois Community Members,

       In 2008, Andrew Sail, then Student Council President, wanted to initiate a program, which would allow students to be honored as excellent members of the Iroquois Community.  His goal was to recognize students fora wide variety of in-school accomplishments.  The Student Council has since been working on designing and initiating I.C.E. -- Iroquois' Community of Excellence.  Students can be recognized by any faculty or staff member for one or more of the following categories:  


o  High academic achievement         o  Outstanding extracurricular involvement

o  Athletic excellence                 o  Volunteerism in school

o  Musical/Artistic Excellence         o  Positive & respectful contributor in class

o  Good decision-making         o  Exemplary effort


Students who are recognized will receive certificates as well as have their name read and displayed on WIRO.

The Student Council is looking forward to the Iroquois faculty and staff recognizing many students throughout the school year