Welcome to our 12th Annual Middle School Leadership Conference and the 2nd Middle School 
Teachers Conference in the EARCOS region.  The purpose of this conference is to network and collaborate on topics related to middle level education and leadership.  It is an opportunity for shared learning, discussion, and to support one another in our efforts to provide excellent learning environments for adolescent students.

The EARCOS Middle School Educators conference welcomes administrators, teacher leaders, and instructional facilitators to the two-day MS Leaders Conference on April 8-9. All middle school educators are welcomed to the two-day MS Teachers Conference on April 10-11.

In addition to the keynote speakers, the strength of the conference comes from practitioners' one-hour presentation sessions. This year's break out sessions offer a variety of topics for participants to delve into. For more information, so the presentation description and handout pages. 

About the 2015 Conference

This year, the MS Leaders Conference and a MS Teachers Conference are back-to-back. The theme is around Engaging 21st Century Adolescent Learners. The MS Leaders Conference will also include a strand on sustainable change management.  

Participant Information Documents
All participants received information regarding travel, arrival, on-site registration, and other useful logistics. If you are a registered participant and did not receive this information then please contact Erin Robinson at erobinson@nishimachi.ac.jp.

Monte Selby 
Education’s Songwriter
Social Emotional Learning & Resilience

David L. Gould 
Obermann Public Scholar
University of Iowa
Creativity, Play & Passion

David J. Condon 
Canadian Academy
Leaders Conference: Sustainable Change

12th Annual MS Leaders Conference: April 8-9
2nd MS Teachers Conference: April 10-11

St. Mary's International School 
1-6-19 Seta
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-8668

Registration (closed March 17)
Register through the following google forms:
MS Leaders Conference
MS Teachers Conference

Leaders' Conference Fee: 10,000 yen
Teachers' Conference Fee: 15,000 yen
If you bring a team: 10,000 yen
One Day Participation is half the fee

*Conference fees to be paid in person*