Counseling Department

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Our Guidance and Counseling department at Zachry is a comprehensive developmental program that addressed the needs of a child to achieve academic, social, emotional development, and post-secondary college and career readiness.  The for components are: Responsive Service,  System Support,  Guidance Curriculum, and Individual Planning.  

Services offered include: 
  •  Individual planning component is where students are guided in planning, monitoring and managing their own educational, career, personal and social development.
  •  Guidance Curriculum component includes skill-based lessons and units designed to help all students develop competence in essential life skills.
  • System Support component describes management activities which assure the delivery of a high quality guidance program, and service which indirectly benefit students by supporting other programs.
  • Responsive Service component is to intervene with or on behalf of those students whose personal circumstance, concerns, or problems are threatening to interfere with or are interfering with their healthy personal, social, career and /or educational development.
The purpose for the guidance and counseling department at Zachry is to bring out the very best in each individual student.