Warren Family & Consumer Science


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Melissa Ciaravino (coordinator) - Instructional Practices, Child Guidance, Child Development, and School Age Parenting
  Cynthia Lowery - Fashion Design & Advanced Fashion Design, and Principles of Human Services
Carmen Perales - Child Development and Child Guidance
Dawn Hoyack - Culinary Arts I & II
Kimberly Branecky - Pre-Culinary and Principles of Human Services
Rosalyn Jones - Principles of Human Services and Interior Design I & II
Alina Carrillo Allard- Principles of Human Services and Child Development

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The FCS Department will actively equip our students with the tools necessary to be productive members of society.  With an increase in test anxiety, we will incorporate creative ways to measure each student's acquired capabilities each grading period.  We will work as a team to implement our goals, so each student will know that he/she makes a difference.  Once they see how viable they are, the tools we equip them with will aid them in any testing environment as well as what responsibilities they will have as adults in the future.

Department Goal:

The Family and Consumer Science Dept. of Warren H.S. will work as a team collaborating and connecting our subject areas to core curriculum as demonstrated by bell work, hands on activities and projects.


        Specific:  word walls and hands on activities

         Measureable: fashion shows, luncheons, internships

          Attainable: educators will work as a team                 

          Relevant: each student will know their value

          Time Bound: students will receive feedback


Grading Policy

Classwork and Homework 50%

Projects and Exams         50%

Makeup work due to absence will be accepted for three days upon they're return for full credit.
Late work will receive a maximum grade of 70%

Tutoring Schedule:

Alina Allardby appointment
Cynthia Loweryby appointment
Carmen Peralesby appointment
Melissa Ciaravinoby appointment
Dawn Hoyackby appointment
Kim Braneckyby appointment
Rosalyn Jonesby appointment