Staff Directory

 Name  Job Title  Telephone
 Technology Services 
 Lori Jones  Assistant Superintendent for
 Technology Services
 Melissa Oshman  Executive Director Technology  Services 210-397-8666
 Nelda Lozano  Administrative Assistant to the  Assistant Superintendent 210-397-8666
 Miguel Valdez  Data/Network Security  Administrator 210-397-8940
 Acquisitions and Project Management
 Kris Trejo   Director of Technology  Acquisitions & Project  Management 210-397-7813
 VACANT  Technology Acquisitions  Supervisor 210-397-7768
 Kim Groff          Acquisitions Technician
 Melissa Leesch   Acquisitions Technician
 Shawna Palowski  Acquisitions Technician
 George Ortiz   Project Manager  210-397-7811
 Tracy Rayburn  Project Manager  210-397-8926
 Adam Jackson  Project Manager  210-397-7812
 Information Services 
 Gerri Rizzo  Director of Integrated  Information Services   210-397-8581
 Landa Rodgers  Programming & Development  Coordinator  210-397-8922
 David Perelstein  Data Services Coordinator  210-397-7567
 Jeff Gallup  Lead Records Technician  210-397-8573
 Infrastructure Services
 Ernest Vasquez   Director of Integrated  Infrastructure Services  210-397-7726
 Julie Martinez  Assistant Director of Integrated  Infrastructure Services 210-397-8575
 Gary Dennis  IT Technical Manager
 Maryann Quiroga  IT Operartions Manager 210-397-7769
 Steven Gonzalez  IT Operations Manager  210-397-7729
 Joe Delgadillo  Network Services Manager  210-397-7720
 Tanya Harris         IT Technical Manager
 Desktop Services
 Anthony Edwards  Data Center Manager  210-397-8866
 Training & Development Services
 Elizabeth Langer   Director of Technology Training  & Development Services  210-397-8119
 Marlo Brown  Web Development and Training  Coordinator/Specialist  210-397-8128
 Orlando Cantu  MDM Support Specialist  210-397-8936
 Leann Kidd  Training & Development  Technologist   210-397-8910
 Eric Laszakovitz  Training & Development  Technologist 210-397-8156
 John Robinson  Training & Development  Technologist  210-397-8197
 Andy Stahlman      Training & Development  Technologist  210-397-8142
 Kim Golden    Training & Development  Technologist HR/SS 210-397-8624