Taft English Language Arts and Reading Dept.

Maria Hernandez, Department Coordinator

Thank you for visiting the English Language Arts Department page. Our staff proudly serves the students of Taft High School. We work tirelessly to serve the students of this community to support their educational and career goals.  Feel free to contact our teachers with your concerns.

Please be patient.  Our new teachers are building their websites.

    Bridgette Rohde  
    Ramon Ayala  
    Amanda Garza  
    David Kohlmann  
    Victor Martinez
    Kristin Cartwright
    Ashley Ortiz

Congratulations Mr. Jim Welton

We are so proud of you and the book you just published.  
Mack Thomas: The Total Beat will be great.

"This teaching stuff is hard work."

Welcome new teachers and all of those who have made this place their home.  Our devoted teachers have put in the time and energy to make their instruction the best it can be.  Our teamwork approach ensures that our students are receiving the best known strategies to maximize learning.


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