Student Leadership-Advisory

Welcome to Oak Hills Terrace Student Leadership-Advisory program, a place where students have opportunities to become world-changers!

Why Student Leadership?

  • Creating community: forming a space at OHT where students feel that they belong
  • Academic advisement: building our students’ capacity to achieve their very best as learners and future leaders
  • Postsecondary planning: incorporating goal-setting and career planning to help students create a vision for their future
  • Social-Emotional learning: fostering a sense of well-being, strengthening students’ social, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive competencies
  • Building a Supportive School Community: sponsoring service learning projects and developing teachers to become effective facilitators 
If you have any questions about your child's class meetings or buddy class, please call

Front Office:  397.0550

Ms. Carruth: ext.3122

August and September are dedicated to the pillar of 

Highly successful leaders follow a set of ethical values we know as pillars of character!

   Trustworthiness     Respect 
     Responsibility      Fairness

 2018-2019 Leadership Committee

Tawny Wagner
Aimee Carruth
Tracey Shepard
Emily Hall
Natalie Bullinger
Sashawn Johnson
Miriam May