Student Leadership-Advisory

Leaders are made at Oak Hills Terrace!!

Welcome to Oak Hills Terrace Student Leadership-Advisory program, a place where students have opportunities to become world-changers!

Why Student Leadership??

        Creating community: forming a space at OHT where students feel that they belong

        Academic advisement: building our students’ capacity to achieve their very best as learners and future leaders

        Postsecondary planning: incorporating goal-setting and career planning to help students create a vision for their future

        Social-Emotional learning: fostering a sense of well-being, strengthening students’ social, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive competencies

        Building a Supportive School Community: sponsoring service learning projects and developing teachers to become effective facilitators 

Our Oak Hills Terrace Owls participate in class meetings, buddy class meetings, and service projects. Advisories will will also plan and sponsor two student-led conferences during the year. In addition, our campus will create dream boards.
Our campus is committed to celebrating success with the 6 Pillars of Character. To that end, we participate in the Spurs Reward program offered six times during the year, This program permits us to showcase an individual from each advisory for every pillar.

Dates to    Remember   

Student Led Conferences are coming up- mark Thursday, October 5th on your calendars! Come anytime from 5:30-7:00 PM. Students will walk their families through their progress in their classroom. 


August and September are dedicated to the pillar of 


Highly successful leaders follow a set of ethical values we know as pillars of character!

   Trustworthiness     Respect 
     Responsibility      Fairness

If you have any questions about your child's advisory class, class meetings, or buddy class, please call

Front Office:  397.0550

Mrs. Carruth: ext.3122

 2017-2018 Leadership Committee

Tawny Wagner
Aimee Carruth
Shannon Finley
Amy Kimbrough
Tina Dudley
Emily Hall
Miriam May
Jason Birdwell
Randi Haldenwang