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SCE Math Overview

SCE math is an extra math class to help students improve their math skills.  We work on these skills through the use of manipulatives and small group activities.  I will also be pre-teaching some lessons and reinforcing lessons the students will have in their regular math class.  We will not go over all the lessons.  We focus on problem solving as well as test-taking strategies.  The students will take a pretest on the computer as prescribed by the district. They will be testing many times through out the year to assess their growth.  This class does not receive a grade since the students already have a regular math class. I do assess the work they do and provide feedback.   All work is done in class so there is not any homework.  

I expect my students to make an effort daily and participate.  I want to help them become advocates for themselves in their learning.  Good behavior is expected in order to create the best learning environment for the student.

For supplies, I want them to bring in a spiral notebook or composition book and bring a pencil to class daily.  Colored pencils (recommended) will be used throughout the year. Erasers and a handheld pencil sharpener are helpful.

I LOVE watching students "get it."

Tutoring Schedule: 

 Tutoring is available at 7:45-8:20AM Wednesdays and Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00-5:00PM in D115.  Students need to let parents know they are staying after school prior to the afternoon to ensure they are able to be picked up by 5:00PM.

About me...I am a product of Northside schools.  I graduated from UTSA in 1983.  I have been teaching since 1984.  

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