Lynda Guerrero, RN, BSN

A Word From the Nurse:

The school nurse administers first aid only. She does not diagnose illnesses, but takes note of symptoms and notifies the parents of her observations. A student should be kept at home when ill, and the student should have a normal temperature for 24 to 36 hours without the need for a fever reducer after any illness before returning to school. This is important for the health of the child and for the health of all children at the school.

Contact Information

6th grade students will need to provide an immunization record with updates of 7th grade state requirements (click link below)


Illness/Injury at School:

If a student becomes ill or is injured, he/she will be given first aid and the parent/guardian notified. In no case will a child be sent home until the parent/guardian or the person indicated by the parent/guardian has been contacted. Every effort will be made to contact the parent/guardian first. If the parent/guardian is unable to come for the child, arrangements must be made for his care by the parent/guardian. In an extreme emergency EMS or an ambulance designated by a parent/guardian will be called. The nurse has the responsibility if she suspects a contagious health condition to request that the child be picked up by the parent or guardian and examined by a physician for diagnosis and treatment. In the event of a contagious illness, please notify the school upon confirmation of diagnosis.

Students are always permitted to call a parent from the clinic telephone or from their mobile device however if a student must be picked up I will speak to the parent as well.




About me...I have been a registered nurse since 1997.  I graduated from the University of the Incarnate Word.  My nursing career has been focused on pediatrics, community health, and I also am a nursing clinical instructor for Galen College of Nursing.  I've raised three awesome kids who all have attended Northside Schools.  

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