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Robert A. Barnett

  • My Contact Information
Room: C204
Phone: (210) 397-3600 ext.3204
Conference Period: 2 (9:25-9:55)

  • Bell Schedule (My Schedule of Classes)

Period 1: (8:30-9:15) 7th Grade Science

Period 2: (9:19-10:04) Conference

Period 3: (10:07-10:52) 7th Grade P-AP Science

Period 4: (11:26-12:26) 7th Grade P-AP Science

Period 5: (12:29-1:14) 7th Grade Science

Period 6: (1:18-2:03) 7th Grade P-AP Science

Period 7: (2:06-2:51) 8th Grade Science

Period 8: (2:55-3:40) 8th Grade Science

  • Digital Disclaimer
Northside ISD and Stinson Middle School have embarked upon the goals of reducing costs as well as stress on the environment  by transitioning from printed materials to digital media. It’s understood that for some students, this transition may be challenging; therefore, the computer labs located in C106 and C108 will be open daily from 7:45 am to 8:20 am and during assigned times for S.O.S. 

A large number of courses offered at colleges and universities across the Nation are also transitioning towards nearly, if not all, digital academic environments. This means the more accustomed our students become with digital technology, the greater their opportunities will be for success at the secondary level. Thank you for your understanding.