Welcome to Potter's Pit!!!! I am so very excited to be back for another year of sixth grade mayhem. New Skyhawks, get ready to read and write every single day. You are going to be using words even your parents won't know! There is soooo much to do.....so, come on over to the dark side and let's get busy!
  • email :   jennifer.potter@nisd.net
  • telephone :
  • Conference time : Period  8
  • Tutoring: Wed - Fri 7:45, SOS
General Information: 
  • Please shoot me an email with both you and your child's information. Full names are important. This is the fastest way to get my attention. Remember, I don't have a secretary to answer my phone calls on a phone that doesn't ring during the school day.
  • "Curriculum" is just a fancy word for the massive list of skills we are going to master this year. Our curriculum is a partnership between reading literature and writing processed papers. This means we will read tons of examples and then try to mimick the way words express what the author meant. 
  • The textbook, Elements of Literature, will be available online. 
  • Technology is essential. Now is a good time to list what chores you want done...they are going to need a phone for research, homework, and extra credit! Make then earn it!
  • Grading policy: 60% Major assessments, 40% daily work
  • Late policy: -10 points, due no later than the last Wednesday of the grading period.
  • Open door policy: I am at school everyday by about 7:45. Anyone may come in to work on any subject any day of the week except Thursdays.
  • Lesson plans available on line. They are just a guide, so check student planner for daily assignments and agenda.

About me... Working on year 24 here at Stinson! All of them have been in sixth grade Reading/English .I graduated from The University of Maine at Presque Isle (good luck finding it on the map), I have one son who turns 28 this year (I look so young, right?), and I love to fish. 

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