Erica Hawkinson

"One language sets you a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way." -Frank Smith

Welcome to the 2018-19  school year! I am excited to start my fifth year teaching at Stinson Middle School and look forward to working with all of you.

Contact Information
  • email
  • (210) 397-3600 ext. 
  • Conference time: 12:29-1:14
  • Lunch: 10:56-11:26
  • Room #: Portable 1

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High School Credit  Information
For students enrolled in any Spanish class at Stinson  (Spanish 1 through 4), parents please be aware that these are high school credit classes offered in middle school. The grades earned for these classes will show in your child's high school transcript and will also be part of the GPA considered in your child's high school graduation ranking. Also due to the fact that these are high school credit courses, in accordance with high school regulations, semester exams will be given and count for 20% of the semester grade. Credit for the year may be denied if a student is absent 18 or more times during the school year. Attendance recovery can be completed through tutoring and flex opportunities in order to gain credit for the school year. Students who reach or exceed 18 absences for the year and who do not complete attendance recovery will not receive credit for the class. 

I will be providing tutoring  Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 7:45-8:20.  Additional tutoring is provided by the other Spanish teachers on Thursday morning and Tuesday through Thursday after school from 3:45-4:30.

Attending tutoring regularly is the best way to get and keep high grades. If a student is currently making 74% or below, tutoring is strongly recommended three times per week. 

Grading Policy 
Spanish classes: 50% tests, projects (2 projects)
                            50% daily work and homework 
                            Quizzes- daily X 2
Late work:  Late work is accepted with a 15 point deduction. 

Students are able to redo tests or assignments with a 10 point penalty deduction after attending a reteach session.  

Absences:   The last day to resubmit an assignment or retake a test is the last Wednesday of the current six-weeks grading period. Grades from previous grading periods cannot be changed.

About Me
I have a B.S.E. from Eastern Illinois University and a M.A. in Spanish from Northern Illinois University and have taught  in Illinois, Florida, and in Spain.