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Welcome to Independent Study Mentorship!  
The purpose of this course is to provide each senior with an independent study research experience coupled with an opportunity to visit on a regular basis with a mentor who has expertise in the area of the student’s topic.  Students will also receive guidance in searching for colleges, completing college and scholarship applications and becoming independent learners. 

Contact information...
  • Email:
  • 210-397-6088
  • conference 8:50-9:35 T, W, F 
General information and expectations...

Students will be required to have mentors sign confirmation sheets to document their attendance.  Students will compile extensive research on the topic (25 sources plus at least 9 mentor contacts as sources), write a research paper of at least 12 pages on the topic, create a final product, and participate in the final presentation. The final 45-minute presentations will occur in May and consist of a speech of at least 25 minutes and an explanation/demonstration of the product.  The presentation must include at least one form of multimedia.    Each student must complete the designated product and participate in the presentation in order to receive full credit for the course. This is an individual project; it may not be done as a group.  

Mentors and Meetings:

§  It is the student’s responsibility to find and secure a mentor. (Think of people that you know in the field.  Ask friends, relatives, people your parents work with and/or do business with, and parents of friends.  The ISM teacher will facilitate and help, but the student will be making the contacts. )

§  In order to all more time to meet, we will double-block English and Mentorship starting the 2nd six weeks.   Each class will meet approximately 90 minutes every other day. 

§  Meetings are to be scheduled on ISM days, not English days.  A blocking calendar will be provided.

§  Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from meetings.

§  Meetings will be due the third and fifth Monday of each six weeks.

§  Sign out and in when visiting your mentor.  Have the mentor sign the Mentor Meeting Record before you leave the meeting.  Complete your portion and turn it in the next day.    You will be counted absent until the signed meeting form is turned in. You have three days to turn in the form and change the absence. 


Classroom Expectations:

§  Be prompt and prepared for class.  Get a drink and use the restroom during the passing period-not class.

§  Be polite and respectful to classmates and teacher.

§  Be productive and meet deadlines.

§  Check eclassroom daily for assignments and to turn in assignments.

§  Be responsible for your own actions and uphold high standards and work ethics.

§  Keep the lab neat and clean. No food in the lab.  You may have a drink if you dispose of it properly.


Grading Policy:

It is the expectation of the campus that students complete all assignments (including practice) and submit them on time. 

§  50%  Summative Assessments (major papers, projects and meeting records)

§  50%  Formative Assessments (class work, daily assignments and homework)

Reassessment:  Reassessment of mastery of the objectives is at the teacher’s discretion and must be initiated by the student.

About me...
Shellie Malik is a native of South Texas and graduated from Texas State University with a B.A. in English with a minor in Speech Communications and an M.A. in Speech Communications with a minor in English. Before moving to CAHS in 2006, she taught at H.B. Zachry Middle School where she taught English, theater arts, and creative writing. As a Gifted and Enrichment Specialist, she chaired district-wide GT events, presented GT staff development and was involved with the state’s GT Performance Standards Projects. She currently teaches Independent Study Mentorship and is one of the National Honor Society sponsors. She also serves as the Dual Credit Liaison for Northwest Vista and Communications Arts and is the AP Co-Coordinator.

Mrs. Malik and her husband have two children who are both graduates of Communications Arts High School. As a family, they enjoy traveling and being outdoors and have traveled to all 50 states. They spend their summers traveling abroad and have visited Eastern Europe, China, Central Europe, Japan, England, and Canada. She is an avid reader, and in her spare time, she can be found reading, traveling in the RV, and spending time with her family.