Physical Education

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Rudder PE

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Melanie McMullin Department Coordinator
John Decker 7th & 8th Grade Boys PE
David Peralta 6th Grade Boys PE
Renee Tanguma 7th & 8th Grade Girls PE

Physical Education Activities:
Northside has an incredible resource of activities through a PEP grant unit.  The variety of units gives our students the ability to experience an abundance of activities that are listed below:
Rockwall, Bosu, Omnikin, Floor Hockey, Disc Golf, Tennis, Team Handball, Lift to Live, Stationary Bikes, Mountain Bikes, High Tech Cardio, Fencing, Archery, Golf and many more activities. 
Our students are given the chance to experience life skills and life long sports through all of these amazing units that continue to grow year after year.

Our expectations:
 That all students give their best effort and have a positive attitude in all activities. Our department has a strong foundation and we all are committed to bringing out the best in our students and teaching them life long activities through fitness and nutrition information. We know that our reward is teaching our student how to create a healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutritional choices