Find your Elective Teacher from the list below.
It is the purpose of the electives department to teach subjects that match the individual skills and interest of each student. Students are allowed to pick one elective class each year to add to their daily schedule. The curriculum for each elective class is for the entire school year, so students should make their choice carefully.

All electives classes at Pease include a thorough  curriculum that will challenge and enrich every student. Each class requires homework and a sincere effort to complete the coursework and earn a good grade. On the left, you can see what each class has to offer by selecting the link to the class that you may be interested in. The teacher's name is listed with the class name.

If you have any questions regarding any elective class, you may contact Chris DeArmond, the department chair by e-mail or 397-2950 by phone. You may also contact the counseling office if you have questions about scheduling your child for a particular elective class.

Elective Faculty

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