In Northside, we promote 21st Century Learning through our Technology Applications programs! Our Tech Apps programs strive to help students learn through the 4Cs:
  • Communication: sharing questions, ideas, solutions
  • Collaboration: the power of 1, multiplied, increasing individual talents and skill by working with others 
  • Critical Thinking: creative problem solving by linking subjects and disciplines
  • Creativity: getting things done with innovative and inventive approaches 
  • Our courses follow the ISTE Standards for Students

  • Rotations schedule, age appropriate timeline structured curriculum
  • Skill Development approach featuring an engaging, interactive web based lessons
  • Project based learning
Grades 6 - 8
  • Grades 6-8; Technology integration through Core Curriculum
  • Technology Applications 7
  • Technology Applications 8
  • Advanced Technology Applications 8
Grades 9 - 12
  • Technology Integration through core curriculum,
  • STEM Endorsement in Computer Science