2018-09-04Dr. Brian Woods
Collaborative Common Assessments
2018-09-18Katie Bazzani
K-12 Professional Learning Specialist

Arden McLean
K-12 Professional Learning Specialist
Starting Strong: Building a Positive Classroom Community
 2018-10-02    Academic Technology #ThisIsNorthside
 2018-10-16Barry Perez
Executive Director of Communications
Julie Ann Matonis
Communications Specialist
 Tell Your Story
 2018-11-06    Executive Directors, C&I:
Patricia Sanchez
Executive Director - Elementary
Deonna Dean
Executive Director - Middle School
Anthony Jarrett
Executive Director - High School
The Architect in Your Classroom - Designing High Quality, Tier One Instruction 
 2018-11-27    Adriana Garza
Director - Leadership Development
Ericka Olivarez
Specialist - Secondary Leadership Development
Patricia Zamora
Specialist - Leadership Development
Culturize: Every student. Every day. Whatever it takes.
with special guest Jimmy Casas, author of the book Culturize.
 2019-01-08    Dr. Carol Harle
NISD  Board Vice President 
Juggling Elephants - shares common challenges we all face of too much to do, too many priorities, too much stress and too little time. 
 2019-01-15       Lisa Casas
Academic Technology Coordinator - Secondary
John Moran
Academic Technology Coordinator - Elementary
 Everybody Needs a Coach
 2019-02-05 Diana Ely
Executive Director - Teaching and Learning
 2019-03-19         Janis Jordan
Deputy Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction