My name is Sarah Chadwell, and I am the Academic Support Teacher at Brandeis.  This year marks the beginning my 15th year of teaching -- my 11th year with NISD.  This is my fourth year at Brandeis, and I am still excited each year to be a Bronco.  

I spent four years of my teaching career as a reading specialist at John Jay High School.  Before that, I taught at Jones Middle School and Pleasanton Middle School in reading and ELA respectively.  I hold a BA in Mass Communications and Public Relations from Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State) and a master's in Reading and Literacy from UTSA.  Please feel free to contact me about your child any time by e-mail or phone, or I will be glad to meet you in person.  In credit retrieval the goal is graduation!!

The Credit Retrieval Program is a supplemental program for students identified as at-risk according to the state’s criteria and who have failed a whole or a half credit in a core subject area with a grade of 60 to 69. Students in Credit Retrieval have an opportunity to "retrieve" previously failed courses. 

Students, once accepted into the program, will be expected to follow the general guidelines listed below. Failure to do so may result in removal from the program.

General Guidelines:

 1. Students must complete an application and be admitted into the program.

2. Students are expected to complete all coursework assigned.

3. Students must be on time and come to class prepared to work.

4. Students must be cleared by the campus for internet use.

5. Students must follow rules concerning the use and care of computers. Any inappropriate use will result in dismissal from the program.

6. Attendance is mandatory to ensure success. Student may be withdrawn from the program due to excessive absences.

7. Students are expected to complete work assigned in a timely manner.

8. Students must follow all campus and Northside I.S.D. rules.


 1stCredit Retrieval
 2nd Credit Retrieval
 3rd Credit Retrieval
 4th Credit Retrieval
 5th         Conference
 6th Lunch    
 7th Credit Retrieval
 8th  Credit Retrieval