Welcome to Marshall Physical Education. The purpose of physical education is to give each child daily exercise, and more importantly the knowledge and skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout their lifetime.  Each child will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of team and individual activities designed to help improve and maintain healthy fitness levels.

Boy's PE: Robert Jaklich
  • 210-397-7161

Girl's PE: Christina Philips

  • 210-397-724


Uniforms:  Marshall P.E. shirt or a plain maroon, gray, or white t-shirt & Marshall P.E. shorts or solid black or maroon shorts

Tennis Shoes: Student MUST have tennis shoes with non-marking soles. It is a class requirement (no flip-flops, crocs, dress shoes, or boots are allowed)

Deodorant: in unbreakable container

* Uniforms can be purchased from the PE staff ($8.00 shirt/$8.00 short).

LOCKS: Each student is responsible for bringing a combination lock to secure their belongings in their assigned locker. (Please no key locks) Do NOT give out combinations to any other students or share lockers.

DON’T BRING VALUABLES TO  PE CLASS! It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to make sure they have LOCKED UP ALL OF THEIR VALUABLES!!!

Marshall HS and the PE Department are NOT   responsible for lost or  stolen items.

*Cell Phone use is prohibited in the gym and locker room area!

Grading System:

Daily Performance: 50%

Daily performance grades are based on the quality of participation during a class period. Dressing out, active participation, effort, sportsmanship, and preparation for class are evaluated daily. If a student cannot participate due to illness or injury, the student needs to dress out and pay close attention to daily instruction.

Psychomotor Skills: 25%

Skills development tests.

Cognitive Performance: 25%

Written tests covering concepts at the conclusion of units of study.