John Marshall High School's Brief History

John Marshall High School, home of the Fighting Rams, has always been a school of the highest standards, expectations, and rich traditions.  Over 60 years ago, the first graduating class walked the stage, the class of 1951, thus establishing the school’s ongoing educational commitment.  This commitment began with John Marshall, the school’s namesake, who served as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court longer than any other person in American history.  Known as “the Great Chief Justice,” Marshall’s great legacy has inspired its students and staff to pursue success in the classroom, on the field, and on stage. 

Mission Statement

To continue this legacy, John Marshall High School’s mission is to ensure that all students receive a quality education that provides them with opportunities and options to pursue both college-going and career-readiness paths.  By fulfilling this mission, our students will become productive and responsible citizens of the 21st century.


Our core beliefs…:

  1. All students can learn and the process of learning is a lifelong quest.
  2. A curriculum is a tool, which helps prepare students to become self-initiated problem solvers.
  3. Student involvement in extracurricular activities is essential component for the growth and success of all students.
  4. Education is a collaborative effort and a shared responsibility amongst teachers, administrators, parents, and students.
  5. Every child is entitled to a safe, stable, and respectful environment, both at home and at school.
  6. Teachers are positive role models that foster curiosity, creativity, and encouragement of our students to think outside the box.
  7. All learning styles will be identified, respected, and supported to the best of our ability.